• Bucks for Books

    Bucks for Books is a reading program developed by First Lady Pat Fordice. This summer reading program encourages elementary children to read by using monetary incentives. After a summer of reading, children are ready to enter school with broader minds.

    Bucks for Books Committee Members:

    Chair: Whitney Thompson Brooke Nokes
    Co-chair: Pryor Hackleman Erica Culpepper
    Paige Dunn Britt Carter
    Amber Eatherly Sallie Kate Covington
    Brandy Smith Laura Gore
    Mary Taylor Killebrew Anna Bellipani
    Sara Pinkston Julyn Overstreet
    Maggie Gilliland Kathleen Colbert
  • Clothing Corner

    New clothing is purchased for children who are recommended by school counselors each year. Project committee members deliver the clothes to the schools. The project provides new outfits/school uniforms, undergarments, socks, shoes, and coats for the children. Outreach provides food, clothing, medicine and monetary support for needy children on an emergency basis.

    Clothing Corner Committee Members:

    Chair: Jamie Hargett Claudette Hawkins
    Co-chair: Stella Britt Julia Harris
    Anna Makamson Kelly Martin
    Claire Smith Whitney Thompson
    Amanda Redditt Lauren Dale
    Kerri McQueen Laura Gore
    Rachel Goldberg Samantha Pigott
    Amanda Wiltshire
  • Crown Club

    High School sophomore and junior girls from Leflore County work together to carry out service projects. They are required to maintain a “B” average and perform 20 hours of community service throughout the year.

    Crown Club Committee Members:

    Chair: Katie Dale Lindsey Luke
    Co-chair: Nancy Johnson Amanda Reddit
    Kathleen Colbert Betsy Belk
    Paige Dunn Maggie Gilliland
    Sara Pinkston Sarah Iwanski
    Rebecca Howard Grace Jefcoat
    Meg Naaman
  • CARE

    CARE Committee Members:

    Chair: Betsy Belk Kelsie Tribble
    Co-chair: Emmie Daugherty Karlie Morgan
    Amber Eatherly Sarah Iwanski
    Blair Harper Lauren Dale
    Karlee Kelly Jamie Hargett
    Samantha Pigott Amanda Wiltshire
    Lindsey Luke
  • PALS

    PALS (Providing Aid, Lending Support) was adopted in 2008 to establish an ongoing relationship with a family or families who just need an extra boost to help break the cycle of dependency. This project provides for the basic necessities of life, such as food, encouragement, and budgeting needs. Each member of the Chapter is encouraged to contribute at least one service hour to this project each year.

    PALS Committee Members:

    Chair: Julyn Overstreet Karlee Kelly
    Co-Chair: Mary Kathryn Wilson Katie Dale
    Sarah Waldrop Britt Carter
    Caroline Stuckey Brandy Smith
    Julia Harris Anna Makamson
    Sally Walker Sarah Iwanski
    Kate Evans
  • Pediatric Connection

    Children at Greenwood Leflore Hospital benefit from this room that is equipped with toys, DVDs, books, and activities. This program makes a child’s stay at the hospital a more positive one. Members work closely with the hospital’s Child Life Coordinator to be sure the room is equipped and maintained for the benefit of the children.

    Pediatric Connection Committee Members:

    Chair: Rachel Goldberg Meg Naaman
    Co-chair: Ashlea Galey Katie Dale
    Samantha Pigott Kelly Martin
    Emmie Daugherty Claire Smith
    Tiffany Mothershead Amanda Wiltshire
    Grace Jefcoat Blair Harper
    Maggie Jeffords Karlee Kelly
    Karlie Morgan Sally Walker
    Kate Evans Britt Carter
  • Feed the Delta

    Feed the Delta Committee Members:

    Chair: Kathleen Colbert Maggie Jeffords
    Co-chair: Anna Makamson Erica Culpepper
    Claudette Hawkins Lauren Dale
    Rebecca Howard Paige Dunn
    Sarah Waldrop Blair Harper
    Mary Taylor Killebrew Sally Walker
    Stella Britt Ashlea Galey
    Rachel Goldberg Kerri McQueen
  • Scholarship

    College scholarships are awarded each year by a panel of non-Junior Auxiliary judges to area high school seniors based on need, academic performance, community and civic involvement and an interview.

    Scholarship Committee Members:

    Chair: Julia Harris Pryor Hackelman
    Co-chair: Brooke Nokes Jamie Hargett
    Nancy Johnson Lindsey Luke
    Brandy Smith Julyn Overstreet
    Mary Kathryn Wilson Emmie Daugherty
    Tiffany Mothershead Whitney Thompson
    Anna Bellipanni Meghan Peden
    Ashlea Galey Kelly Martin
  • S.T.A.R.S.

    S.T.A.R.S. (Studying Together and Revealing Smiles) is a mentoring program that was designed to enhance self-esteem to young girls with academic tutoring and social counseling through positive reinforcement. The girls are chosen by their school counselor. This program is a great outreach tool that Junior Auxiliary uses to reach young girls at an impressionable time in their lives. We serve different locations and are ever-changing to meet the needs of the schools and youth that this program helps to serve.

    S.T.A.R.S. Committee Members:

    Chair: Meghan Peden Olivia Ellis
    Co-Chair: Anna Bellipanni Mary Taylor Killebrew
    Caroline Stuckey Maggie Jeffords
    Laura Gore Mary Kathryn Wilson
    Brooke Nokes
  • Homework Buddies

    Homework Buddies Committee Members:

    Chair: Kerri McQueen Kate Evans
    Co-chair: Tiffany Mothershead Meg Naaman
    Sara Pinkston Kelsie Tribble
    Karlie Morgan Claire Smith
    Olivia Ellis
  • Administrative Committees

    Entertainment Committee Members:

    Chair: Rebecca Howard Nancy Johnson
    Co-Chair: Amber Eatherly Kelsie Tribble
    Maggie Gilliland Pryor Hackelman
    Amanda Redditt Meghan Peden
    Erica Culpepper Betsy Belk
    Stella Britt Claudette Hawkins

    Publicity / Website Committee Members:

    Chair: Sarah Waldrop Co-Chair: Caroline Stickey

    Storeroom Committee Members:

    Chair: Sallie Kate Covington Grace Jefcoat